Intelligent Risk Management.

Either abroad or on home territory:
Understanding contexts, identifying risks, planning security.
Effective risk management for businesses, NGOs and media.

It All Starts With Information.

A thorough situational assessment is the bedrock of every security concept. Understanding a context and its risks enables the identification of trends, and helps create effective security umbrellas for people and assets.

Plan4Risk develops security plans, conducts trainings and workshops for staff preparing to face risk situations, and implements adequate measures – ranging from discreet to robust. We operate in Germany and abroad.


Providing aid and supporting development in difficult regions. Good security and intercultural competence are key.


Protecting staff, investments and logistics: The framework for successful business activities in challenging environments.

 Media Security

Investigations and reporting can become dangerous for journalists. Freedom of the press needs a safe space to deliver objectivity.


Plan4Risk covers clients‘ security requirements with bespoke services.

We create specific solutions and comprehensive approaches drawing on ISO 31000 and other international norms.